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We asked our customers to leave us some comments about the farm, this is what they said:

“Knowing where and how the meat we buy is produced is so important to us.  Understanding that we are eating meat that is raised with exceptional welfare, locally and not on an industrial scale; with care and passion is vital to us.

Swillington Organic Farm do just that and it is a joy to receive and open our monthly meat box.  Even more wonderful to create so many tasty meals with their organic produce. Just Brilliant !!!!

I never get a box that can not be used successfully for a variety meals.  I do love your produce and we get a bit giddy when the box arrives.

It’s the template for how all farming should be.” – Paul H, Leeds

“Good quality food.” Stephanie W
“I cannot recommend the shop highly enough. The quality of the produce is second to none. I love the walled veg garden and the fact the fresh veg has just been dug up!” Liz
“We buy all our meat at Swillington. Initially because of the organic and welfare standards practiced but now also because of the quality of the meat we buy. We’ve never had better steaks (melt in your mouth) and once a month its roast pork for Sunday lunch – delicious! For us its quality not quantity but its also value for money and for that we cant fault Swillington. Oh and the pork pies are truly to die for!” Caroline L
“The Good Life we aspire to, run as a business but still reaching out to the community to share ideals. Warm, personable service. And the best sausages we’ve ever tasted !” Bronwen
“Admirable ! If I lived in Leeds all the time I would willingly volunteer on a regular basis. I am thinking seriously about your ‘adopt a pig’ scheme.” Sue S
“Healthy and organic, great tasting food, fresh from the farm. Excellent produce, quality guaranteed” Margaret W
“When ever we have a special family occasion the dinner has to come from Swillington farm. It is now part of our Christmas!!” Mandy F
“I’ve been a member of the community scheme for over a year. It’s a great way to enjoy local organic produce and to try new vegetables. Jo and the team are really friendly and always happy to give advice. The farm is excellent for children to learn about animals and how food grows. I can’t wait for my little girl to be old enough to take part and run around. Keep the hard work going.It’s a great place not only to buy fab produce but is growing and you’re always willing to listen to new ideas and look at expanding what you do.” Lisa T
“Brill christmas turkey (would, and did, write more but my wife says you don’t want “War and Peace”). Top quality food with friendly service!” Richard P
“Amazing sausages and a wonderful local farm.” Mark L
“Dedicated to quality and welfare” Nicola B
“I commute over 15 miles to visit Swillington Organic Farm because the produce is of the highest quality, homegrown and organically produced and this is reflected in the flavour without the premium price tag of many other organic producers. The animals are well looked after and the staff are friendly and approachable; it is always a pleasure to visit Swillington Organic Farm. Worth the effort of traveling to!” Amy B
“From ground to my bag in 30 seconds! You can’t get fresher. Traceable, trusted source from beautiful surroundings.” Kari
“The quality and taste of the chicken we buy through the Swillington CSA scheme is excellent and represents very good value for money.” Rachel H
“Having been a vegetarian for over twenty five years I thought very hard about deciding to feed my baby meat and eat meat again myself. During my regular visits to the CSA over the last few years I have observed the excellent standards of animal welfare at Swillington Farm. This enabled me to make the decision with confidence about where our food was coming from. Thank you.” Olivia J
“Best Pork Pies in the World 🙂 !!!! All the Animals are treated with respect, are free to do their own thing and behave naturally yet are protected and well looked after. If you are a carnivore, it’s the most guilt free meat you can eat. As My 88 year old Granddad says….this is how meat used to taste ! The Veg is so fresh and natural. No chemicals or growth hormones here, just really great food. We love the Farm, the friendly people who work there, all the happy animals and the fantastic food. Keep up the good work :)” Richard B
“We started going to the organic farm about 4 years ago on the recommendation of a friend. Since then it has increased its range of meat products without sacrificing any quality. All the meat and poultry tastes really good and friends and family always remark on this. We like the fact that we can get ‘old fashioned’ cuts like shin beef that are wonderful when slow cooked and that Jo will always arrange a to provide meat of a particular weight or cut when given advance notice. We joined the CSA when it was set up and have really enjoyed the range of vegetables (except Jerusalem artichokes) and fruit provided weekly. We now rarely buy meat or game anywhere else and fit our weekly fruit and veg shop round our CSA share. Excellent quality produce from a family business providing very good value for money.” Christine B
“My eating and shopping habits have change drastically since discovering Swillington Organic Farm I have been a CSA member since the scheme started. I thought i had a healthy diet and ate the right amount of fruit and veg but this was not true. Since getting my share from the farm each week i quickly realised that formerly days could go by without cooking fresh veg. I now eat more fruit and vegetables than I did before. I cook more and buy less ready made food. I do much less shopping at supermarkets and nearly always buy meat and eggs from the farm as they taste so much better. I like the fact that what I eat is produced locally and it is almost as good as getting it from my own garden. Well actually it is better as i don’t have that variety of produce in my own garden. I like knowing the people who grow the food and I look forward to going to the farm to collect my share throughout the year. It always feels good.” Jane K
“Excellent quality, worth the effort to try the produce. Friendly and warm not cold like big companies which just see numbers not people.”Martin
“Delicious meat , good vegetables , the best soft fruit esp. strawberries I’ve had in decades. Exactly what we were looking for.” Rukshana A
“Swillington Organic Farm is a perfect hidden gem for residents living in the city of Leeds to purchase quality local organic produce without the need to resort to supermarkets and the huge air miles associated with their organic products.” Lucie B