Real Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Trees – Direct from the farm.

Every year we sell hundreds of freshly cut Christmas Trees from the farm just outside of Leeds.

Visit the farm shop during December to choose a fresh real Christmas Tree for your family.
We treat our trees like fresh flowers, they are kept in water from the moment they’re cut keeping them fresh and non drop.

Unlike other sellers our trees are all unwrapped for you to choose from, when you’ve chosen your tree we will wrap so it will fit easily in your car.

Open Every Day in December from 10am

Bring your Family to choose a Christmas Tree
at our Farm Shop

Tips For Looking After Your Christmas Tree

A good Christmas tree will last for over four weeks if looked after properly.

1. Look for a freshly cut tree; ideally buy it direct from the grower.

2. If you are not taking it inside straight away, put it in a bucket of water and remove the net to allow it to breath.

3. If you are taking it inside, put it in the stand before taking the net off and then water it

4. Use a stand that holds water and water it every day – this helps the needles stay on longer

5. Position the tree in a cool place and away from any direct heat such as a radiator or fire

From Rothwell Record

Local School Receives Christmas Gift

A local farm is to donate over a hundred pounds worth of Christmas trees to Oulton Primary School this Christmas. Children from Oulton Primary School will be able to decorate and enjoy the three large trees which have been donated by nearby Swillington Organic Farm.

The headteacher Maria Townsend appreciates the farm’s generosity. “The trees from Swillington are magnificent every year, they really help our school look magical for the lead up to Christmas” she says.

Hundreds of different types of Christmas trees including spruces, firs and pines are sold on the farm every year to local residents and business. The grower Andy Cartwright is keen to help out local organisations and has been donating Christmas trees to local schools and churches for the past 20 years.

His trees are all freshly cut and he says the secret to making a real Christmas tree last and look perfect in your home is to keep it well watered. “I treat them like fresh flowers, as soon as it’s cut each tree goes in to its own bucket of water which allows the entire tree to stay fresh for longer” says Andy.

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