Officially Organic

We often get asked how you can know that a product is organic. The answer is to look for an organic logo which means that the product in question has been certified organic. The Soil Association and Organic Farmers & Growers are the biggest and most recognisable certification organisations.

As part of the certification all organic producers and processors are independently inspected to ensure they are meeting high organic standards.

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We have just had our annual butchery and processing inspection where we were audited to ensure that we are doing everything as it should be done from slaughtering the animals, to refrigeration, packaging and delivery.


The inspection is rigorous and all things are checked and paper trails followed from the ingredients in our burgers to the cleanliness of our fridges so that you have the confidence that you know what you’re buying and that it’s produced right.

We’re pleased to announce that we passed the audit and excelled with no non-compliances at all which is great news and testament to the quality and attention to detail of all our team and helps our customers be assured that we are who we say we are.


Of course we go above and beyond this with our quality guarantee which also means that if for any reason you’re not happy with any of our produce we will refund or replace it.

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