Got milk? We do.

It’s Organic September, our favourite month of the year. It’s the month in which we celebrate all that is organic and for us that means pretty much everything!

Even the produce we source from our suppliers is organic wherever possible and so we thought we would tell you about one of them.

With milk suppliers in the news at the moment we thought we’d introduce to you, Acorn Dairy.

Acorn Dairy produce fresh organic milk and cream from herds in the Yorkshire and Durham Dales which is available to buy in our farm shop or delivered with your meatbox – what a treat!


Buying from a local dairy means the producer gets a fair price and as it’s organic you’re guaranteed that the cows are kept to high standards of animal welfare and are grass fed without any routine use of antibiotics which is better for you too. So everyone wins!

As no artificial, chemical fertilisers or herbicides are used on their pastures it’s also better for the environment and wildlife so what’s not to love?

And what’s more, much like our monthly meatups on the farm, you can visit Acorn Dairy at one of their open days this month.

Check out their website for more information on their evening walks and pop down and meet the herd.

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