Don’t settle for bland burgers – have a #BetterBBQ

The British BBQ has almost become a parody of itself with an endless array of jokes and clichés poking fun at our willingness to persevere, endeavouring to cook our food outside whatever the weather.

But, it is tradition isn’t it? Summer wouldn’t be the same without huddling under a gazebo eating a blackened burger that doesn’t really taste like beef, or anything else for that matter. Who cares? It’s tradition.

Well, we care. And whilst we can’t determine the weather, prevent your parasols from blowing away, or stop the rude party-crashing British rain from dampening your coals – we can make sure you have delicious, organic and rare breed meat to throw on the barbie!

‘But it’s only a barbecue’ I hear you say. Only?

You wouldn’t serve up a dish of burnt bangers, plastic cheese and warm beer at a dinner party would you? So why not push the boat out a little bit and impress your guests?

This summer, Soil Association want you to think about enjoying a better BBQ by switching your normal shop bought grub to delicious, high-welfare and organic meat. And they don’t half make a good argument too!

They’ve even teamed up with award winning eco-chef, Tom Hunt, to give you a few expert tips on making your BBQ one to remember.

There are countless reasons why you should choose to order organic meat online from Swillington and we’ve got 5 of them right here.

So don’t just settle for ‘okay’, show off your grilling prowess and foodie flare by daring to be different.

If you’re struggling for ideas or have lots of tips and recipes of your own to share check out the #BetterBBQ hashtag on Twitter and join the conversation (and the BBQ revolution!)

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