Do you really know where your meat comes from?

When shopping for meat you’ll see a wide range of labels indicating the welfare of the animals and where they came from. But do you know what they mean? And can you really trust them.

Lots of our customers have chosen to buy their meat from Swillington after being concerned about where the food they’re eating comes from. Country of origin can be misleading with animals and meat having been transported across the continent or the world, and the farms on supermarket packaging may just be a figment of a marketing agency’s imagination rather than somewhere you could actually visit.

The various terms can be confusing too, what’s the difference between farm assured and Organic? Is Outdoor Bred the same thing as free range?

With so many questions we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to know what meat you’re eating, where it came from and how it was raised.

The answer? Visit us, see the farm, meet the farmer and then trust us to farm, butcher and deliver direct to you with a monthly meatbox.

At Swillington we give you complete peace of mind with everything fully traceable from our farm. We comply completely with organic and free range standards making sure our animals have the best quality of life possible.

We’re independently audited by organic inspectors and most importantly checked by our hundreds of customers who visit us for meatups throughout the year to see the animals, visit the butchery and experience the story behind the food they receive every month.

Why not find out for yourself? Our next meatup is the Grub & Grog Shop Meatup on July 25th; we’d love to see you there.

If you can’t get to the farm to see us make sure you’re following us on social media so that when your meatbox arrives each month you know what you’re eating.

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