Talking Turkey

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Yorkshire farm and meat producer are inviting visitors onto their West Yorkshire farm to learn more about where their Christmas geese and turkeys come from. Swillington Organic Farm are inviting their customers to their MeatUp event Saturday 28th November at 1 pm where they can take a short farm walk and see the birds.

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Got milk? We do.

It’s Organic September, our favourite month of the year. It’s the month in which we celebrate all that is organic and for us that means pretty much everything! Even the produce we source from our suppliers is organic wherever possible and so we thought we would tell you about one of them. With milk suppliers

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Officially Organic

We often get asked how you can know that a product is organic. The answer is to look for an organic logo which means that the product in question has been certified organic. The Soil Association and Organic Farmers & Growers are the biggest and most recognisable certification organisations.

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